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Lea Feinstein

These paintings are meditations on paint, flow, and the forces of gravity and time. They are inspired by regular flow patterns occurring in widely disparate phenomena---vapor trails merging and dissipating in the sky, rivers joining, blood flowing in the circulatory systems of living beings, sands shifted by tides, and rain streaming on glass. These patterns obey the laws of physics but are subject to the vagaries of chance and accident. They are constant and similar, yet never the same.

Created on a flat wall, where gravity has its maximum effect, these works are intentionally abstract. Overlapping transparent layers create painted tapestries that mimic and recall those shifting forms in nature.

The medium is a marriage of modern industrial materials---acrylic polymer paint applied to Tyvek (spun-bonded olefin) which is commonly used in FedEx envelopes and in new house construction as a moisture barrier. Unlike traditional artist papers and canvas, Tyvek does not stretch or shrink when wet. The artist was attracted to its lightness and flexibility, properties that enable it to be rolled and unrolled without creasing or tearing. It is acid-free and extremely durable.

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